Gas Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Shop can manage your entire conversion to gas. We supply a range of gas unit brands and sizes, to meet all your hot water needs.

Sit back and let us manage your entire conversion to gas!​

Why change to gas?

Set your preferred hot water temperature​

We have installers to help fit and commission your new system​

Saves money compared to having a hot water cylinder heating in the cupboard

Endless hot water

Regain valuable cupboard space

Heat only the water you need

Mains pressure hot water

We had our hot water conversion on the 9th of March and I have just had our first power bill, wow is all I can say!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was $76!!! It definitely won't be long before the unit has paid itself off. Plus the benefits of having instant hot water and mains pressure means I get a nice massage in the shower every day. One very happy customer.

— Catherine Holland

Hot Water Shop